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Image by Caleb Fisher


art direction / branding / UX/UI

Team: Elisabeth Klein, Giang Pham, Annabel Marshall,
Tanner Carvan


Research: All team members

Copywriting: Elisabeth, Annabel, Giang

Trademark: Giang

Website: Elisabeth

Advertisements: All team members

Merchandising: Elisabeth, Giang

Social Media/Motion Graphics: Giang


Hipcamp is a campsite booking platform that was founded in 2013 by Alyssa Ravasio. With over 300,000 sites across the United States, Hipcamp invites campers to express their individuality to find the perfect, unique site for them.



Hipcamp is challenged with appealing to its audience. Although they offer the highest number of campsites out of all their competitors, they can appear unreliable as they lack a consistent layout and identity. 


The uniqueness of being the largest booking service for campsites allowed us to improve Hipcamp’s identity to cater more towards the camper’s experience. “Camp More” is a double entendre that invites people to camp more often but also indicates the vast amounts of campsites and experiences that Hipcamp has to offer.

Original Trademark

Refined Trademark

Sunset Over Forest
Viridian Green
Dark Jungle Green
hipcamp ad 2.jpg
phone mockup.png
hipcamp ig post.png
hipcamp desktip_edited_edited.jpg
home page.png

What I Learned

Determining the onlyness and brand image through competitive analysis. What made Hipcamp truly unique was the amount of campsites compared to other booking sites. My group and I took this opportunity to rebrand Hipcamp into a more personalized unique experience for users.

Further Development

Expanding the Website

With more time, I would have incorporated both the booking page for a campsite and added the community page for Hipcampers. 

Hipcamper Blogging

In addition to adding a community page, I would like to highlight a Hipcamper’s blog and journey through their own page. I would create a customizable interface for different Hipcampers and display each unique voice.

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