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Sun Moon Rising

art direction / branding / UX/UI

Team: Elisabeth Klein, Giang Pham, Christina Nguyen


Research: All team members

Copywriting: All team members

Trademark: All team members

Website: Elisabeth

Merchandising: All team members

Social Media: Giang

Motion Graphics: Elisabeth, Christina


Originally a Kickstarter project, Sun Moon Rising rose in popularity in the astrology community. This first-of-its-kind astrology-based card game is made for zodiac lovers, skeptics, and everyone in between. This game will have you boasting about your best traits and owning up to your worst ones. 


The existing Sun Moon Rising was branded in a simple and minimal direction that lacked a cohesive identity. The packaging fails to mirror the content and language of the game, and its targeted audience. In addition, the social media and web design was not exciting, and failed to display any form of marketing to the audience. Lastly, the original game instructions were disorganized and unclear without visuals.


For a game that is based on personality, we felt that the brand should reflect more on the uniqueness of each zodiac sign. Using beautiful photography paired with elegant typefaces, we kept the simplicity in an elevated way. In addition, we implemented a visual way for the user to learn how to play the game on the website.

Original Trademark
Refined Trademark
Starry Night
Pink Silk
Blue Moon
box mockup.jpg
card spreads.jpg

What I Learned

Sometimes short tutorials and explanations can be confusing and unorganized. Originally, I used still images to accompany the directions to the game on the How to Play page. But then I learned how using movement can enhance the user’s understanding a lot more. 

Further Development

More social media presence

With a community of astrology lovers, connecting with them on social media would create more of an opportunity to express the brand. With more time, my group and I could create social media advertising posts, giveaways, and more illustrative captions that speak to the audience.

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