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art direction / branding / packaging

Team: Elisabeth Klein, Andres Meza, Giang Pham, Jacob Hernandez, River Riego


Research: All team members

Copywriting: Elisabeth, Andres, Jacob

Trademark: Andres, Jacob

Packaging: All team members

Website: Elisabeth, Jacob, River

Advertisements: Elisabeth, Giang

Social Media: Giang

Newsletter: Andres


Nuluv is a local goat milk skincare brand that is proud to share 100% machine-free products. Built on traditional family values, Nuluv puts much care into their operation, goats, and employees. 



Nuluv originally lacked a cohesive identity in their brand, packaging, social media, and website. Although they sell a variety of good products, Nuluv has way too many inconsistencies to attract a larger audience.


Rebrand the company to create a consistent image, voice, and mission. Our goal is to embrace the handcrafted quality that sets them apart from competitors.

Original Trademark

new old logo-02.png

Refined Trademark

Old Burgundy
chocolate milk.png
Chocolate Milk
Barn House
body butter.png
Nuluv_Bundle Box_Transparent.png
Nuluv_Bundle Box_Open_Transparent.png
Plant Shadow
Free Open Magazine Mockup.png
Wooden Surface
NULUV_poster (2).png
transparent phone mockup NULUV.png
NULUV Home Page (2).jpg
final home page (1).jpg
product page.jpg

What I Learned

My group and I narrowed down a specific brand identity and voice that allowed us to maintain cohesiveness, even when we had to design something individually. This project taught me the importance of communication in a group setting. We were always ensuring that everything we designed would tie back to the foundation of the brand’s identity. 

Further Development

More community presence

If my group and I had more time, we would have developed more touchpoints for community-based events, such as farmer’s market days. As a local family-oriented brand, Nuluv would make many appearances within its community.

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