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MAIP fellows are hand selected by industry professionals to begin their careers in advertising. Once selected, fellows engage in a 22-week, nation-wide fellowship that is both virtual and
in-agency. In addition to the fellowship, fellows receive professional development opportunities through virtual spring training, one-on-one coaching, MAIP labs and various opportunities to network with MAIP alumni and industry leaders. The goal is to provide fellows the space and opportunity to build a foundation for their careers.

Brief Introduction

Hi! My name is Elisabeth Klein :)

I am a bilingual multidisciplinary designer based in Austin, Texas. I Primarily focus on UX/UI Design and Art Direction. I'm always designing to solve problems, tell stories, and create the best experiences.

I am searching for roles that will let me grow as a person and creator. Product Design is a field I'm interested in, where I can solve design issues through research, collaboration, and creative thinking.

My MAIP Journey

My Fellowship Experience

MAIP has provided us with resources and group labs that has honestly been my most valuable career guidance. I learn so much from the fellows and MAIP Team that I feel more professionally confident than I was before the Summer started.

I have an awesome MAIP Coach named Tiffany Lam. She has always been very responsive to my questions or concerns and has always provided very insightful feedback. She is able to give me career advice that I have never learned anywhere else. Another aspect I love about her is that she works for a gaming company! As someone who has always had an interest in the gaming industry, I am so eager to learn more about her experiences.

Mower Agency

My 2022 virtual Summer internship took place at Mower, a full-service integrated marketing communications agency that offers consumer and business-to-business marketing and public relations/public affairs. As an Art Direction Intern, I participated in networking events, design and art direct original visual content, work with senior creatives to refine and bring brand ideas to life, and much more. Working in a cross-functional team has allowed me to advance innovative ideas and improve on the ideas of others.

My supervisor, Kevin Tripodi, introduced me to the whole Creative Team at the Syracuse department. He, and the Creative Team, always made sure to keep me involved in many different projects, allowing me to gain more insight and perspective on real-world clients. I'm excited for what is to come and how much more I will learn as a designer (and a fierce friend!).

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